After creating your project, the first section you will complete is the Introduction section. In this section, you will input information about your project such as its title, summary, main contact, and timeline.


You can designate who the point of contact will be by clicking on the rectangle below Contact. Users in your organization who have enabled accounts will show up in the drop down list. Once you select the point of contact, you can edit that person's job title, telephone number, e-mail address, and department's address by pressing Edit Contact Display Information.  


Additionally, you can choose the contracting department of your project by pressing on the rectangle below Department. You can also edit the contact's Department Head title by pressing Department Display Information.


Your project's timeline informs vendors when important deadlines occur. When your project is made, we set it for you based on based on best practices. You may change any of the dates by pressing on the calendar icon and clicking on your preferred date.

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