Welcome to Intake. You may set this module up to allow staff to enter in their project requests to determine if a solicitation is the best avenue to make a purchase.

To begin you will click on the Intake tab to open up the Intake module. When you select Intake, you have the ability to view all of your organizations pending and closed project requests.

If this is the first time you are using the system or if you forgot some of the features available when building a project request, you may click on the Tour Dashboard link.

When you begin having multiple pages for your intake requests, you have the option to search all intake requests by entering the title (or portion of), the project ID and/or the status (All, Draft, Review, Closed).

You may export your list of all project requests by clicking the Export button. This will provide you with an excel file to see the overview of each of the project requests in the system.

My Projects allows you to view all projects that you have authored and/or been invited to as a collaborator. All Project Requests allows you to view all of the projects in your organization.

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