When you are building a project, and are at the point of entering in your Scope of Work, you have the ability to search the Scope of Work Library. The Library gives you the ability to view the Scope of Work as others have built for projects that may be similiar to your project.

You will click on the Search Scope of Work Library

You will see how many total projects are available to view. You may search the project database by entering in key words; sort the list by date, titles, copies, city and/or sort order (ascending/descending).

You may also search by Category codes, by clicking the +add link and selecting the category codes you wish to search.

You will click on the box to select all scope of work items that have been provided if you would like them all (#1) or click in the circle of the scope of work items individually for each section you are interested in using for your project (#2).

Once you have determined which scope of work items you would like to use in your project, you will click the green Copy Scope Items and the text boxes will appear in the Scope of Work section of the project you are building.

If you do not find any scope of work items that you would like to use, you may select the Back button and you will be returned to the search page.

If you believe you may be benefit from looking at the full project, you have the ability to click on the View Project link and you will be able to view the full project from the Agency.

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