If you chose to make a sourcing project "sealed bid," you'll be unable to view the contents or proposals until after the unsealing process.

Step 1: While the project is still open or "out on the street," the proposals tab will look like this.

Step 2: Once the submission deadline has passed, you see a new button appear called "Unseal Bids." Click that!

Step 3: Clicking "unseal bids" will open up a modal. You can choose to unseal the entire bid package (everything that was submitted) or to phase it and unseal the pricing information at a later date if you want to do a phased approach.

Step 4: The date and time of the unsealing is recorded by ProcureNow.

If you chose to unseal pricing in a separate phase, you'll see a new button appear on top nav bar saying "Unseal Pricing."

You'll now be able to access the proposal contents and so will evaluators. Good luck!

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