If you just signed up, your vendor dashboard might be empty. That's okay! Everyone starts out that way. This article will help you fill it up and get connected with the agencies you want to do business with.

ProcureNow does not currently publish a master list of our clients. Agencies manage their own vendor lists, and you have the ability to subscribe to the agencies that matter to you. It is completely free for vendors to subscribe to multiple agencies, sign up for email notifications, and submit bids online.

How To Subscribe To ProcureNow Portals

Step 1: Navigate to an organization's portal that you're interested in

You can find agency portals by going to the websites of the Procurement/Purchasing teams you want to work with. They will typically post a link on their website to their ProcureNow portal or they may have a live portal embedded directly into their website. Some keywords for this page on agency websites include Purchasing, Procurement, Contracting, Doing Business With Us, Vendor Signup, Bidding Opportunities, or RFPs & Bids. Here is an example from a customer website:

Step 2: Click subscribe

You can signup to get notifications on new bids and RFPs by clicking the green "Subscribe" button agency portals. This will send you notification emails from that agency when there are new projects. If you want to learn more about how to customize the notifications you receive, check out this article. 

Step 3: Navigate to portals from your vendor dashboard

After you've subscribed to the agencies of interest, they'll show up on your dashboard.

When you start following and applying for specific Bids/RFPs, they'll show in your list of projects on the dashboard too so you can keep track of your current sales pipeline in one place.

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