If you are assigned to the Requisition, you will be able to process the request through a simple 2-step flow.

Step 1: Navigate to Process Request tab
You'll want to start at the Requisition Details page. Click on the Process Request tab.

Step 2: Select Purchasing Path
You can either progress the requisition to "Draft Solicitation" or "Close Request." 

  1. Create Solicitation will set the project up to go out for bid, and allow you and the requestor to draft a solicitation and posting for the project. 
  2. Close Request will allow you to skip the bidding process. Close Request is commonly used for projects that do not require going out to bid, such as a cooperative purchase, P-Card transaction, or sole source.

Selecting an option and progressing the contract will end of the requisition phase and begin the next phase of the project. You will still be able to add a contract record to the project later on, regardless of which option you choose.

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