Once all the scores are in and you are ready to make an award recommendation, click the "Complete Evaluation" button.

That will bring you to this modal:

  1. Select either one vendor or multiple vendors.  Their aggregate score is shown in parenthesis next to the vendor name.
  2. Select whether or not you want to notify all respondents of your recommendation, which typically starts the protest period, if there is one.
  3. Click the "Select Vendor" Button.

The stage of the project goes from "Evaluation Stage" to "Award Pending".
The next screen explains what to do next:

Once the vendor award is solidified and the contract is in place, you'll want to "finalize" the award, and optionally notify all the vendors one final time.

The stage of the project goes from "Award Pending" to "Closed".  The next step will be to add the contract documents associated with the solicitation and the awarded vendor.

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