Unique Section Types (only 1 per template allowed)


The Introduction Section includes information about the summary of the project, the background, the primary contact, and the timeline of deadlines.  For each of these subsections, you may design the language that serves as the header to each of the sections.  You can also "seed" the project with boilerplate language that goes directly into the summary and background text.


There are 2 ways to customize the Scope of Work Section:  the heading to the section (see where it says "Below are the requirements of the project") and adding boilerplate sections that should be included in every scope of work.

See Suggesting Content to the Team for more information on how to build out content suggestions based on project categories.  This will help those drafters working on scopes of work to access best practice language.


The Vendor Questionnaire is your opportunity to design the experience the vendor will have in responding to your solicitation. You'll want to make sure that this section includes at least 1 input for the vendor to respond to (like a document upload question).

Add a header/description to instruct the bidder on how to respond.

See Drafting a Vendor Questionnaire for more information on each of the question types you may add to your template/boilerplate.


There's not that much to configure for a Pricing Proposal section type.  As shown below, the header/instructions can be pre-designed here.  Once in place, the project editors are given easy access to both project requirement/scope of work headers and category based content suggestions to help them fill out pricing tables.


If your template requires a point-based evaluation criteria, then this is the section type you'll want to utilize.  If the project doesn't need to describe a point-based system, then a general "List Item" Section Type may be used.

Note in the above image, you may select from a list of scoring methods. 

  1. Points Based - means that the points given are the same as the points scored.  If it's a 20 point criteria, evaluators can give a score up to 20 points.
  2. Pass/Fail - Maximum points given for Pass, Zero points given for a fail.
  3. 0-5, 0-10, 0-100 - these are weighted scoring systems based on the weight given to each criteria.


Here is where you'll upload the standard attachments (like the sample contract) to be included in each project.  Users will have the ability to make changes to this when they are drafting their solicitations, but this ensures everyone starts off with the most up-to-date version of your required attachments.

NOTE: Once you have selected your file, be sure to "Upload File" by clicking on the green upload button.

General Section Types (many allowed on a single template)



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