The next step in building your template is to define the outline of the template and drop in content sections. These are the REQUIRED content sections types:

  1. Introduction - This is a required section.  The intro includes the summary, the background, the primary contact information, and the project timeline/deadlines.
  2. Attachments - This is also a required section reserved for where you manage all the exhibits and sample contract documents associated with the template you are managing.

Other "Special Use"  (which just means they serve a specific purpose) content section types include:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Vendor Questionnaire
  3. Pricing Proposal
  4. Evaluation Criteria

There can be only one section in a template for each of these.  For example, there can be only one Vendor Questionnaire section for a template.  You may define as many questionnaires and sections within the one vendor questionnaire section, but the Vendor Questionnaire section type can only be used once.

After selecting the section type, you'll need to give it both a long name and a short name.  

Section Editor Security

IMPORTANT: If the option is available, you'll need to select whether or not this section should be editable during the drafting stage of a project, or if only admins/reviewers of a project should edit the content in the section. See field called "Section Editors"

Adding Instructions for Each Section

Note in the image above the link "Add Instructions".  In many cases, this lets you definite some overall instructions that will be shown to the project drafters and reviewers to help guide them in using the language in this section.

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