Step 1 of Building a New Template is to give it some basic identifying information.  

  • Template Title - This will be seen by everyone when selecting which template they want to use
  • Acronym - this is a short name used wherever rendering the template name needs to be shorter than the full template name
  • Process Classification - Because you may more than one RFP template or more than one RFQ template, this allows you to classify the general process classification for the template you are building
  • Icon - choose which symbol best represents this template
  • Owner - this is who others will see as the person they go to when they have questions about how the template is designed.

Note the Status of the template (in the image above, it says "Draft").  When you select the "Set Live" button, that will change the template status to be "Live" for everyone to choose.

Under the "More" button, you can easily see if any errors exist in the template by selecting "Show Form Errors".  

The "Delete" button... well, that's self-explanatory.  If there are projects that are using the template, though, you will not be able to delete the template.   Disabling the template will be your only option. 

See below: the "Set Live" button now says "Disabled" for templates that are live to your users.

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