If you have a completely drafted and approved solicitation with all the associated attachments and exhibits "ready to go", you'll want to choose the "Post Bid Opportunity" option.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a system administrator (member of the procurement team), you will have the ability to set up the bid, and post it to your public portal.  If you are not a system administrator, the solution will stop you right before completing the post.  You'll have to have a member of the procurement team verify and complete the public posting.

There's 3 parts to posting a bid:

  1. Project Overview - fill out the initial form information needed to give the vendor an overview of the project. Check out the article titled "Filling out the Introduction section."
  2. Questionnaire - you will want to design a set of questions you want your vendor to respond to, including responses in PDF format that they may need to upload.  Check out the article titled "Drafting a Vendor Questionnaire."
  3. Timeline - Set the deadlines that are critical to the solicitation project.  This is your opportunity to make changes to the deadline dates for the project.  You must hit the "Confirm".   Once you schedule the post, you may retract the post, but that's a big deal... We want you to be sure before posting because notifications will kick off to those vendors aligned with the categories they have signed up for!

Finally - Schedule Post
Either continue with the Post Date you've selected, OR Choose the Post Now option, which will change the release date and time to NOW (obviously ;).  Remember, only admins have the right to post the project to the public.

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