If one of your procurement project sections is a "Vendor Questionnaire", then you'll want to read this!

Your template will typically start with a standard set of boilerplate questions.  From there, these are your options for adding a new question:

Short Answer:  Use this when the answer to the question is one sentence or less.

Long Answer:  When you expect 3-4 paragraphs from the vendor response, choose this option.

Yes/No:  This can be a very powerful choice.  When you need a vendor to confirm their understanding of anything, choose this option.   When you need to classify vendors, choose this option as well!

File Upload:  For items like Executive Summaries, Marketing Materials, Presentations, Certification Letters... anything that requires the vendor to upload a PDF, choose this option.   This option will be a common choice for standard vendor responses. 

DocuSign PowerForm:  If you have a Docusign account, you can link vendors to fill our a DocuSign PowerForm. For more information about PowerForms, go here: https://www.docusign.com/features-and-benefits/features/powerforms

Section Header:   Use this to categorize the questions (i.e   Company Background Questions,  Project Delivery Questions, Vendor Certification Questions, etc.)

For each Question Type, you'll have the option to 

  1. Ask the Question
  2. Provide detailed instructions in the "Prompt" box
  3. Determine whether an answer is required or optional
  4. See a preview of the vendor experience.

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