Before creating a PowerForm in DocuSign to use with ProcureNow, you must first create a Brand. Brands are essentially themes that you can create to re-use across PowerForms. Create a single ProcureNow Brand and re-use it across all of the forms you would like to integrate with ProcureNow.

Note: you will need DocuSign admin privileges to complete this step.

First, log into your DocuSign account. Then, in the top right corner, click your profile image and select the "Go to Admin" option:

Once in the admin panel, select the "Brands" tab on the left side:

From here you can create a new Brand by clicking the "ADD BRAND" button. We recommend naming it "ProcureNow" so that you can easily know what it is for.

Once the brand has been created you then need to add callback URLs. These allow ProcureNow to be notified when a vendor completes one of your forms. To do so, go to the "Advanced Configuration" settings at the bottom of the brand and select the "Destination URLs" option:

A modal will then open. Please enter the following values for each field:

Signing Completed[[RecipientEmail]]

Viewed Exit[[RecipientEmail]]

Finish Later[[RecipientEmail]]


Session Timeout[[RecipientEmail]]

Authentication Failure[[RecipientEmail]]

The completed form should look as follows:

After clicking save your are now done with this step.

Note: if you only use your DocuSign account with ProcureNow we recommend setting the ProcureNow Brand as the default Brand. This will save you from needing to specify it for each PowerForm you create in the future. You can do this by clicking the "Set as Default" option in the menu dropdown from the brands page:

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