The ProcureNow DocuSign integration supports linking to DocuSign PowerForms and getting feedback when a vendor completes a form. This article will walk you through creating a PowerForm on DocuSign.

First, create a DocuSign template with the forms that you want to get signed. When adding a recipient (at least one is required) to the form, be sure to only specify a role. Specifying a name or email will prevent you from creating a PowerForm. The role name can be whatever you would like, such as "vendor":

Once you have the template created with the forms you want to sign you can then create the PowerForm. To do so, click the "USE" dropdown button on the "Templates" tab. From there, select "Create PowerForm":

Once you have the PowerForm created you will then get a link to it. You can get this link at any time in the future by clicking into the template, going to the "Associated PowerForms" section, and clicking the "ACTIONS" button next to your PowerForm. From there, select "Copy URL", and a box will pop up with the URL:

Once you have the URL copied, you can place it inside the "External Form URL" field when adding a DocuSign PowerForm question type in your ProcureNow project.

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