Step 1. Click the button "Draft Posting"

Step 2. "Proposal Documents"

This is where you "design" how you want the Vendor to respond electronically.  There's 4 things you want to consider when deciding how you want a vendor to upload their responses

  1. Review your "How to Respond" Section and make sure this closely aligns with your instructions in your solicitation document.
  2. Consider the EVALUATOR.   You don't really want them scrolling through a 100 page PDF document response in order to find the one section that has to do with References, for instance.  So make sure the break up the document uploads is logical for the evaluation team.
  3. Guide the Vendor.   You want to be sure they have given you everything required for the response, so make sure you mark the "Required" ones as required... the system will prevent them from submitting their response if they forget a required upload.
  4. Sealed Bid Process - Make sure you select this if you want the responses to be withheld from staff view until the evaluation period opens.

Step 3.  Timeline

This is your opportunity to make changes to the deadline dates for the project.  You must hit the "Confirm".   Once you schedule the post, you may retract the post, but that's a big deal... We want you to be sure before posting because notifications will kick off to those vendors aligned with the categories they have signed up for!

Step 4. Schedule Post
Either continue with the Post Date you've selected, OR Choose the Post Now option, which will change the release date and time to NOW (obviously ;)

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