How to find your evaluations:

There are two ways to see what evaluation committees you're on, and to make sure you're not holding up projects.

1. Email notifications

When the Project Manger adds you to the list of evaluators, you'll get an email notification inviting you to the project.

2. My evaluations tab

From the main Projects page, you can filter on "My Evaluations." This will pull up a list of all your active evaluations.

How to score projects:

1. Navigate to My Evaluations tab

You'll get started with the evaluation process from the My Evaluations tab on a specific project's home page.

You can see a list here of the proposal for the project, and how far along you are in scoring each one.

2. Score proposals
Work through the list of proposals, reviewing and scoring each one.

3.  Record Comments and Notes
As you record your scores, you can take specific comments on each score:

You may also take general notes about the vendor you are evaluating:

4. Submit scores

When you've completed your scorecards, submit the scores to finish your job as an evaluator.

And you're all done!

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